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The writing style is good and I enjoyed reading the book until about 70% in. At that point things went as such a fast speed that I got the feeling I was missing parts of the book. Characters and situations appearing out of nowhere and which make little sense. It is a bit of a shame since up that point I had enjoyed the book despite the somewhat standard storyline. The book does not end in a cliffhanger although I would be a bit more worried about the situation than the protagonist appears to be.


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There were a lot of neat ideas for this story line. I would have given 4 stars easily if only the flow of the story synced up better. The cover is great, too. The book started strong with the prologue, but I was left in a fog as to how quickly the main character became a legend in his own «first» life – and for almost nothing we, as the readers, got to witness. That sensation never went away for me as the book continued. Maybe the author is leaving openings to weave future books together? That’s okay, but all of those openings in the storyline left me feeling a little too wind-swept as a reader. I kept reading till the end because I wanted it all to finally come together, but it never did. I had the impression there were small chunks of the story left out – as though there were short stories that would link things together more that weren’t included in this version. As a reader, I do prefer figuring out new story worlds as the action moves forward rather than having an info dump, but this time the action felt too jumpy for me. At so many points in the story the main character is having a rough time in his life, another character comes along and basically says cheer up or even just deal with it, and suddenly the main character is past the previous mindset – essentially smiling and saying «I love life».

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"An action packed thriller from beginning to end! A cross between the action in the "Die Hard" movies, and the joking relationship between partners in the "Lethal Weapon" movies."

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"What a great story and thrilling ride! So well written. Jake Wolfe kicks ass."

"This author knows how to keep the reader intrigued. Highly, highly recommend."

"I am an avid dog lover and was touched by the closeness and undying devotion between Jake and Cody."

"I strongly recommend this book to anyone who likes action books in the Brad Thor, Lee Child or Vince Flynn genre."

"A debut? Surprising, because so many elements are so polished that it seems Mark has been writing novels for a long time. Highly Recommended."

"Nolan put a lot of realism in the story and the ending was riveting."